Hogtied and Fucked


Hogtied and Fucked. 29 year old Celeste is promptly bound with her legs bent at the knees as she balances on a stool. She hangs by her wrists. She is nervous again. Her cute little shoes tied to her feet, ankles bound back up to the ceiling and the center of her back. Her titties get flogged. Her ass gets flogged. She finds it extremely painful.Celeste is then situated within The Apparatus. Her neck is locked into a position that holds her not fully standing and not able to sit down. Her wrists are chained to the frame. She has electrified copper sheets beneath her feet. The electricity pops the bottom of her feet and she grows concerned. Her ass gets beaten with the thumper. Her inner thighs get paddled. When the Hitachi hits her cunt she grows serious indeed. At one point her eyes roll back in her head. She is not there for a moment. In the end the electricity is cranked up very high and we watch her dance about and flail.Celeste is now found in a hogtie on top of a box atop more copper sheeting. Her elbows and wrists brought together to flesh out the hogtie. She is then promptly fucked with the fuck stick. She lets an orgasm slip by without asking. The electricity is turned up to the point that she cannot have an orgasm now. She is fucked hard. She is gagged.