Hogtie Stimulation


Hogtie Stimulation. 25 year old Kae started her day out in a very attractive and demure outfit. I decided to tie her up while she was still fully dressed…boots and all. Standing her on two copper plates she was bound with her wrists to the ceiling and her legs together and fastened to the floor. I pulled her boots off so she would be standing barefoot on tiptoes on the copper pads. And then the electricity is turned on. To the point where we can actually see the muscles in her feet contracting. I take the liberty of raising her shirt and tying her breasts and putting nipple clamps on her tits. But before long those nipple clamps are removed and electrodes are connected to her nipples. Then we see just how much of a pain slut she thinks she is.Next up for Kae is a little personal time with Luther. I do not think anyone has quite as sexily sucked Luther as she did. Her mouth is open and her eyes are wide open…her tongue can be seen working the shaft…she gags…she shakes her head…she deep throats it. Next up for Kae is a hogtie on The Box. Sitting her on a chair I bring her elbows together which juts out her DD titties. Then I lay two sheets of copper onto The Box…she is told to lay down on the copper while I finish putting her into a hogtie. The electricity is turned on and we watch her has she makes adjustments to the electrical current passing through her. I stop and tie her stumps apart. I notice what a pretty pussy this girl has. The power gets turned up further and we watch her jump around and I slam the Hitachi on her cunt and I tell her if she needs to cum she has to ask for the electricity to be turned up. Then she is made to beg for the orgasm.